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Warrior Academy is a year-round training program dedicated to the development of student athletes. Athletes across all ages and sports focus on enhancing their speed, agility, the understanding of the sport as well as elevating the mindset to have a championship mentality at all times.

Di'Andre Campbell has taken his own experiences from the high school, collegiate, and professional level to create a curriculum that is customized to fit each athlete in order for them to experience improvement physically in their performance but also in their confidence and approach towards their sport. The philosophy of Warrior Academy is to come as you are with a mindset to learn, work hard, and we will grow from there together. Di'Andre often tells his athletes "If you are willing to work, then I'm willing to work with you". Di’Andre has taken his underdog approach from his own journey in pursuit of his NFL career and made it a point to work with kids and athletes that may be overlooked and counted out but are willing to dedicate themselves to their craft and their goals and trust the process to accomplish it. He believes that sports teach you a lot of life lessons that can help you in whatever your future holds.


Warrior Academy offers 1 on 1 training as well as private group, and online training and a 12 week intensive offseason training program. Warrior Academy understands that the separation is in the preparation so come prepared to work and ELEVATE YOUR GAME. The Warrior way. 





American Football Stadium

Warrior athletes have received full ride scholarships all league accolades team awards as well as individual awards

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